Some Tips For Treating Acne In Adults

breakoutMany people are aware of acne in the teenage years but fewer realise it can happen to adults as well. When an adult gets acne a lot of them are unsure of how to treat it. Of course, it is a lot more common in teenagers but it can start at any time in life. The number of adults that do experience acne is quite high and it needs to be treated with adults in mind.

There can be a variety of different reasons why an adult will develop acne. It is important to understand that people who sufferered with acne as teenagers will be those that are more likely to have it return in adult life. Here we look into some tips on how to treat adult acne because it will not be the same as treating a teenager for acne.

The first step into combating acne is to purchase an over the counter treatment for acne. Many of these products will be able to treat a mild outbreak and there are many products to choose from. What you should be careful about is whether or not the product is safe to use as some have the potential to damage your skin. It would be a good idea to talk with a dermatologist or perhaps ask for recommendations from friends that may have used them.

If you have a very serious outbreak that over the counter products do not seem able to stop that you should definitely visit a reputable dermatologist for some cosmetic procedures. Examples of the procedures available would be microdermabrasion that buffs the surface layer of the skin and laser resurfacing.

One thing you should never do is squeeze acne. If you pick or squeeze the spots then it could cause even further damage including scar damage and when you try to squeeze them you are actually pushing the infection deeper into the skin.

It would be a good idea to cut down on any unhealthy high sugar foods and begin eating a healthy diet. Make sure you eat a lot of fruit and drink plenty of water as this can help to flush away the toxins. If your skin is well hydrated it can rejuvinate a lot more effectively than if it is dry so drinking water is important. Bear in mind that stress is a cause of acne so to combat it, try to lead a healthy lifestyle and get regular good sleep.

Some or all of these ideas should help you on the way to treating acne in an effective way, remember to look after your skin.

How To Make Perfume At Home
When it comes to choosing a perfume it can be difficult with the plethora of ones available. They can smell good when it is sprayed into the air but this often changes when it reacts with the skin. It can take quite a lot of testing to find a good perfume so how about making one for yourself instead?

Before you can start making your own perfume, you need the right materials. As well as getting the right oils etc you will also need some other equipment such as test tubes, measuring cups etc. When you purchase this equipment, you need to buy ones made out of glass because metals and plastic can alter the scent. The stirring rods should also be made of glass which again will not alter the scent and it will also help the oils to mix better. The final mixture will need to be stored for a couple of days before it is transfered to a bottle so ensure the lids are very tight.

Many of the oils that will be blended together come from plants and can last for different amounts of time. When everything is prepared you will need to mix the oils together. The base ingredients can include sandalwood, cinnamon or moss. Example of middle ingredients can be lemongrass and ylang ylang and for the top you can add either lemon, orange or orchid, for example. The last thing to add to help it mix and while it stores for a couple of days is ethyl alcohol although vodka can be used as a substitute.

Once it has been stored for a couple of days it needs to be added to distilled water. The distilled water will need to be filtered to remove any solid elements then the liquid can be transferred to a plastic bottle. It is not difficult to produce a fragrance but it can take practice in producing something that suits you. If you are interested in trying this out for abit of fun it is possible to produce perfume using rose petals.

Of course you can skip abit of the trial and error when it comes to scent by using books on the subject but it can be fun and exciting to produce something that you won't know how it is going to turn out beforehand. If you do produce a fragrance that you are not so keen on don't just throw it out, you can always use it as an air freshener or hair product some other scented products.

         Perfume is a very personal thing and this is also the case when making it for yourself so experiement with different concoctions and enjoy yourself. Contact us to discuss anything about beauty services and treatments from our beauty spa treatments from our beauty spa.


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